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October 2015
Oct. 9 Freaky Floaters!
What Causes the Freaky Floater Phenomenon in Your Eyes? 
July 2015
Jul. 29 Children's Vision and Learning Month
When children struggle with reading and learning it can impact the entire family. “Homework was a daily battle. Tears often ensued as we attempted to work our way through the assignment; read a few words, stop, silence, frustration,” shares mother of three, Wendy Kinkade from San Antonio, Texas. 
Jul. 8 New study shows link to infections in contact lens wearers
A new study linking contact lens use with higher levels of bacteria in the eyes and an increased risk of infection brings to light the importance of proper hygiene practices for contact lens wearers.
June 2015
Jun. 10 June is Cataract Month!
Most people will develop cataracts later in life.  Learn more about what causes them and how they are treated.
May 2015
May. 13 Comprehensive Eye and Vision Examination
Learn more about your eye exam
April 2015
Apr. 10 Antioxidants and Age-Related Eye Disease
Macular Degeneration and Cataracts are the two leading causes of visual impairment. Read more....
March 2015
Mar. 3 Reading and Vision
Vision is often overlooked in children with reading problems.  A look at how vision impacts reading.
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