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Playing Safe

It's of paramount importance to know what sorts of toys are the safest and the most beneficial for kids.

Babies are born with an only partially developed visual system. There aren't many things that encourage a child's visual development better than playing, which encourages hand-eye coordination and a clearer understanding of spatial relationships. The best toys to encourage an infant's visual development in his or her first year include mobiles with geometric patterns or bright contrasting colors and activity gyms with detachable and changeable objects, balls, books and puppets. Until they're 3 months old, babies can't totally differentiate between colors, so objects with bold, black and white pictures can be stimulating for them.

Kids spend a large amount of time playing with their toys, so it's crucial to know if those toys are safe or not. Firstly, to be safe, toys should be age-appropriate. And it is just as important to make sure that toys are developmentally appropriate, too. Despite the fact that companies specify age and developmental appropriateness on toy packaging, it is up to you to make the call, and make sure your son or daughter doesn't play with something that might be dangerous for them.

Any plush toys should be machine washable, and, especially when it comes to smaller children, without any very small parts to pull off, such as buttons or ribbons. Avoid toys with edges or sharp components for a young child, and if your kids have toys with long handles, like pony sticks, make sure the end is rounded. Closely watch toddlers when they play with such toys.

If your child is under 6, avoid toys with flying parts, such as dart guns. Always pay close attention with toys like that. On the other hand, if you have older kids who have chemistry sets or woodworking tools, always check that they are wearing correct safety eyewear.

When you're next shopping for a holiday or birthday, take note of the toy makers' recommendation about the intended age range for the toy you had in mind. Be certain that toys you buy don't pose any harm to your child's eyes.


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