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Come Prepared

Ladies and gentlemen with eye examinations coming up in the near future, can we have your attention please? There are a few things you should tell our eye doctors to help make sure your exam is a useful one.

Because vision can be affected by seemingly unrelated health conditions, you'll need to inform us of any changes you are aware of. What are some things we'd need to know about? Here are a few examples: pregnancy, diabetes, high blood pressure, and even something which may seem trivial, like allergies. Do you take any medication? We'll need to know what you're taking, because this can also have an effect on your eye health.

The more we know about your lifestyle, the better. For example, do you drink or smoke? Tell us how you use your eyes everyday. Are you a craftsman who strains your eyes working on fine details? Knowing this information can really make it simpler for us to choose your treatment plan.

And if you have any eye diseases that effect anyone in your family, it's important to inform us, because a number of them are hereditary. Knowing the conditions you may be prone to will make it simpler for us to keep an eye out for and monitor any developing signs or symptoms.

Make an appointment if you observe any changes to your eyes and vision including blurriness, fatigue, flashes of light, spots and double vision. We will get to bottom of what's causing the symptom, and figure out the most appropriate treatment. Remember to bring your current pair of glasses along when you see us; even if you wear contact lenses, because they will give us important information about your eyes. So don't forget all this when you come for your exam. Together, we'll figure out the best way to rectify whatever issue you may be having!


WE REQUIRE APPOINTMENTS FOR ALL VISITORS. DO NOT ENTER THE BUILDING WITHOUT AN APPOINTMENT. You must cancel your appointment if you have any symptoms of illness.

Effective May 17.2021, per CDC guidelines, masks will be optional for those patients who are fully vaccinated. We will continue to require face coverings to be worn tightly, fitting over your nose and mouth, for those who have only received one dose of vaccine or are not vaccinated. Please see our website for detailed safety operations in line with the CDC requirements.