Buy contacts from private practice Family Vision Center instead of big discount websites. Online contact websites may sell expired, illegal contacts that can cause allergic reactions, corneal abrasions, or harm your eyes. Skip to main content


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Why It’s Better to Buy Contacts at Family Vision Center

 If you wear contact lenses and think you can get a better deal online, you're missing out! Plus, there are a few serious things you should consider before buying from big discount websites.

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As a private practice, Family Vision Center uses our relationship with contact lens manufacturers, like Bausch & Lomb and Johnson & Johnson (Acuvue), to give you the best prices on annual contact lens purchases.

Don't believe us? We're happy to give you a quote. Call us at 303-427-2020.

Here are the benefits of ordering an annual supply of contacts at Family Vision Center:

  • Generous manufacturer rebates ONLY available at private practices (often higher in value than Big Box retailers' instant rebates)
  • Use your In-Network benefits! Why pay all year for your vision plan if you can't maximize your material benefits? Most VSP plans offer $120-$200 off contacts and many EyeMed plans offer up to $130 off contacts.
  • $5 discount per box— a thank you from Drs. Rob and Loree Wagner. When you buy an annual supply each $5 discount adds up!
  • Free shipping to your home address for an annual supply
  • Free travel cases and solution (as available)
  • Return un-marked, un-opened boxes for credit on your next years' supply
  • $100 credit to use on a complete pair of prescription glasses and sunglasses or a $99 pair of non-prescription sunglasses (don't forget to wear sun protection with your contacts!)
  • Included lessons on safe contact lens use for new wearers; how to clean, remove, and handle your contacts so you never endanger the health of your eyes.
  • Rotating selection of coupons for eye drops and solution, available at the front desk

During your eye exam Drs. Rob and Loree Wagner will make you their number one focus; fitting you with the most comfortable contact lenses for your eyes, ensuring the best vision possible for your prescription. They use the latest technology to evaluate, diagnose, and educate you about the best contact lenses for your unique eyes.Safe Contact Wear

Remember, contact lenses are medical devices so it's important to wear the correct lenses as prescribed to avoid any long-term or permanent damage.

Three serious things to consider before buying contacts online:

  • Many online sites are not reputable. They may be selling expired, or soon-to-expire contacts, or illegal product not made in the USA which may not be up to FDA "medical device" standards.
  • If they don't require your prescription... it is a scam. Because contact lenses sit on surface of your cornea they can carry potential health risks. All lenses, even decorative ones, are legally required to be fit and prescribed by an Optometrist.
  • "Discount" sites may mislabel product, sending you the wrong lenses made of different material and putting you at risk for serious eye concerns; allergic reactions, corneal abrasions, or worse. One that comes to mind is the popular Hubble contacts site, whose product is not the quality they claim.

At Family Vision Center we want to educate you about proper eye health, as well as serving all your vision needs. In the case of contact lenses, what you don't know can hurt you, and there are a lot of factors to consider. If you have any concerns about your contacts or eye health we are here for you.


*Even if you're not yet a patient at Family Vision Center you can still purchase contacts by calling 303-427-2020 with your contact lens prescription.


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