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UPDATE: Eye Care During COVID-19

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Dear Family & Friends,

Our aim is to keep you informed as changes are made to accommodate the spread of COVID-19 in our community.

To be clear, under a stay-at-home order you are permitted to leave your house for essential and emergency health care. Starting in April 2020, everyone must wear a face mask or cloth that covers their nose and mouth when in public (in Colorado) until further notice. This can include a bandana or ski mask, but many cloth face masks are available online.

IMPORTANT: If you have symptoms of conjunctivitis like: redness, pain or irritation, gritty feeling, or sensitivity to light, please evaluate yourself for further signs of illness and call your primary care physician first.

Some kinds of eye care are essential or emergencies and we will remain open to serve these needs. Periodic, medical check-ups for glaucoma, diabetes, and macular degeneration count as essential services.

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DO NOT hesitate to call if you have:

  • Trauma: blunt force, projectile, foreign object in eye, chemical burn, scratch.
  • Flashes/Floaters/Halos: sudden flashes of light, with or without pain.
  • Urgent Contact Lens Issues: redness, pain, sensitivity to light are potential signs of corneal damage or dangerous infection.
  • Sudden Vision Loss: gradual or acute blackout, tunnel vision, blind spots.
  • Sudden Vision Changes: Sudden blurriness or double vision.
  • Drooping Eyelid: sudden or acute.
  • Out of Prescription EyeDrops or Medication: some prescriptions may be extended over the phone at this time. Please call to check.
  • Diabetic check-ups are permitted
  • Glaucoma check-ups are permitted
  • Any other medical conditions including anyone who has hypertension, takes high-risk medications, has Macular Degeneration, or a history of retinal concerns.
  • No Current Vision Solutions: If you have lost or broken your ONLY pair of glasses we will see you for a replacement. If you are out of contacts, we may be able to extend your prescription and ship extras to you.

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Other appointments, like routine vision exams, will need to be postponed. We appreciate your patience and understanding and will reach out to you as soon as possible to reschedule.

If you're waiting for eyeglasses or contact orders, please call to schedule a pickup time. These appointments will be limited to allow for social distancing. Alternatively, we may ship them to you via USPS for $10. Please contact us if you would like to arrange shipping.

Contact us with any questions. We are here to help you. 303-427-2020

Thank you,

Drs. Rob & Loree Wagner

Family Vision Center




WE REQUIRE APPOINTMENTS FOR ALL VISITORS. DO NOT ENTER THE BUILDING WITHOUT AN APPOINTMENT. You must cancel your appointment if you have any symptoms of illness.

Effective May 17.2021, per CDC guidelines, masks will be optional for those patients who are fully vaccinated. We will continue to require face coverings to be worn tightly, fitting over your nose and mouth, for those who have only received one dose of vaccine or are not vaccinated. Please see our website for detailed safety operations in line with the CDC requirements.