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What’s New in Eyedrops?

There are 2 recently FDA-approved prescription eye drops to treat common issues without the need for surgery: Upneeq for droopy eyelids and Vuity for presbyopia (difficulty focusing on near objects).

Want to reduce your dependence on reading glasses?

Vuity: eyedrops to aid in reading for patients with presbyopia (difficulty with reading up close). These eyedrops use a “pinhole” effect (similar to squinting to make vision clearer) to help reduce the dependence on reading glasses. Schedule an appointment today to try these eyedrops in office!


Struggling with droopy eyelids?

Upneeq is the only FDA-approved eyedrops for adults with acquired ptosis (low-lying eyelids).

If you’re struggling with droopy eyelids but don’t want to go through surgery, eyedrops are now an option! Schedule a medical office visit today for evaluation of your eyelids and experience a sample in office. Results happen within 5-10 minutes of instillation.


Not-so-new eyedrops:

Struggling with chronic dry eyes that isn’t improving with regular eyedrops?

Restasis works by inhibiting inflammatory markers that drive dry eye that normal over the counter artificial tears do not treat. Due to its mechanism of action, Restasis can take up to 3 months to start relieving dryness in the eyes. It is recommend to continue with regular dry eye treatment during those 3 months.


Xiidra is an effective dry eye treatment for chronic dry eye symptoms that also has anti-inflammatory properties, but can provide relief faster than Restasis. If you’re struggling with dry eyes that is not improving with regular use of artificial tears and warm compresses, talk to your optometrist about other treatment options.


Wish your eyelashes were darker, longer, or thicker?

Latisse: once-daily medication brushed on to your eyelashes at night to improve the cosmetic look of your eyelashes. Available in-office for same-day use as medical office visit.