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Advanced Services

  • This service offers early detection of potential eye and vision problems at no cost regardless of income or ability to pay. It is a one-time, comprehensive eye and vision assessment for babies, usually conducted between the ages of 6 and 12 months.
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    Orthokeratology, or "ortho-k," is the process of reshaping the eye with specially-designed rigid gas permeable contact lenses. The goal of ortho-k is to flatten the front surface of the eye and thereby correct mild to moderate amounts of nearsightedness and astigmatism.
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    Dry eye syndrome (DES) is a chronic condition that develops when your eyes do not produce and maintain enough tears to keep the eye’s surface lubricated.
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    If your child has myopia (nearsightedness) that continues to progress every year, consider putting your child in the myopia management program to slow down or halt the progression before your child is at greater risk for complications due to high myopia.

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    Specialty contact lens for patients with poor vision that soft contacts and glasses cannot correct.
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    These rigid lenses aren’t as popular or well-known as soft lenses, but they offer the advantages of durability, crisp vision and high oxygen permeability.