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Contacts for Astigmatism

Most people have a small amount of astigmatism which has very little impact on their vision.  But for a large group of people, astigmatism is an important factor in seeing clearly.  Astigmatism describes the oval shape of the eye versus a round shape.  During your comprehensive eye exam, your doctor can tell you if you have astigmatism and whether special contact lenses are needed to provide you with clear vision.

Contacts that correct astigmatism are called Toric lenses. Toric lenses have been available for many years, but only recently have the designs improved to allow for the most crisp and comfortable vision available.  Toric lenses come in materials that can help improve dryness which is common in our dry, but beautiful Colorado environment.

If you are interested in being examined or fit with Toric contact lenses, please call our office for an appointment today.


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