Optilight IPL for Dry Eyes

Dry eye is a prevalent condition affecting millions of people. It can cause irritation, discomfort, and blurry vision. Fortunately, there are now innovative treatment options available beyond traditional eye drops. OptiLight is a revolutionary technology that uses intense pulsed light to alleviate dry eye symptoms. Family Vision Center in Westminster, CO, is here to tell you about this dry eye treatment and how it can help you.


What Is Dry Eye?

Dry eye occurs when your eyes cannot produce enough tears to stay lubricated or the tears your eyes produce evaporate too quickly. This can lead to several uncomfortable symptoms, including:

•             Scratchiness

•             Burning

•             Stinging

•             Gritty sensation

•             Light sensitivity

•             Blurred vision

Many factors can cause dry eyes, with age being one of the most common. Our eyes produce fewer tears naturally as we age, leading to increased dryness. Underlying medical conditions like allergies, autoimmune diseases, and Sjogren’s syndrome also lead to dry eyes. Other frequent causes of this condition include environmental factors like wind and smoke exposure, extended computer use, and wearing contact lenses.

How Does OptiLight Work?

OptiLight utilizes intense pulsed light to target the underlying causes of dry eye. Traditional treatments primarily address symptoms, but OptiLight tackles the root of the problem. This light therapy specifically targets meibomian glands. When clogged, these glands fail to produce enough oil to keep your eyes lubricated. OptiLight delivers gentle pulses of light that improve gland function and increase oil production. OptiLight also decreases inflammation and improves your tear break-up time to slow evaporation.

Benefits of OptiLight for Dry Eye

OptiLight offers several advantages over conventional dry eye treatments. Unlike eye drops, OptiLight addresses the root cause of dry eye. Doing this offers long-lasting results rather than temporary relief. Additionally, this in-office procedure is minimally invasive and comfortable for most patients. Many patients experience significant improvement in their dry eye symptoms after a series of OptiLight treatments.

Are You a Candidate for OptiLight?

You may be a good candidate for OptiLight if you suffer from chronic dry eyes that traditional treatments have not alleviated. Our optometrists will assess your condition during your eye exam to determine if OptiLight is correct for your visual needs. Poor candidates may include people with active acne, severe skin scarring, or if they take certain medications like Accutane.

Visit Your Optometrists in Westminster, CO, for Dry Eye Treatment Today

If you are struggling with dry eye and want long-lasting relief from an “eye doctor near you,” look no further than Family Vision Center in Westminster, CO. Our optometrists can diagnose your dry eyes and use OptiLight to help you see clearly and comfortably again. Call us and schedule an appointment today at (303) 427-2020 to achieve long-lasting relief from dry eye symptoms.

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